Guided dives

You are not yet a mine or cave diver ? No problem !

We offer regular guided dives. If you have been thinking about doing a mine diving course for a while and want to test if the environment is right for you, arrange a guided dive today.

What can you expect ?

The day starts with an introduction to mine diving. Here you will get an overview of important behaviors in mine diving and learn about the history of our mine.

Afterwards we will make your first mine dive with you. You can concentrate on the environment and dive into a hidden world. At your side is an experienced instructor who will secure the dive.

During the surface break there is enough time to process what you have experienced and of course to talk shop. You can discuss open questions about the mine diving course with your instructor. Then the tanks are quickly filled and it goes underground again.

What do I have to bring?

To book a guided dive you need:

  • at least Advanced Nitrox (diving depth 1st brine 30m)
  • valid diving fitness
  • valid insurance certificate
  • safe handling of a D12 DIR configuration
  • Diving lamp (main lamp)
  • dry suit with suitable underwear (7 degrees water temperature)

If you do not have all the equipment you need, please contact us. We have lamp systems in demo stock that we can provide you with.


Please send us your appointment request !

Professional diver

We already supply a large number of freelance professional divers and commercial diving companies. From our own experience we know what needs commercial divers have. Our offer is adapted to your needs. Feel free to contact us to get exclusive prices in our professional repair shop and in our store. Benefit from our free "fast lane" service. Do your job and we will take care of the rest !


You are owner of a dive store or self-employed diving instructor ? You are looking for a partner for professional repair work on dry suits ? Send us a request and benefit from our exclusive dealer prices. In our professional repair shop we carry out any repair and rebuilding work within the range of the feasible. All our work is done by hand.

Key Person's

Diving is your life ? You are part of an exploration unit or have built your own network on social platforms ? We are always looking for new collaborations. Feel free to contact us and convince us why we should support you. Benefit from our exclusive conditions.